Outreach & Resources


  • Looking for Life (co-created/facilitated with George Brydon; UCL, May 31, 2019) – ages 10-12, 40 mins – a guided ‘choose your own adventure’ exercise to think about what life may look like on other bodies, including exoplanets, based on their extreme conditions
  • Humans in Space (Intro. to Space Ethics) (UCL, Feb. 23, 2019) – ages 10-12, 90 mins – an interactive lecture on the history of space law, planetary protection, and humans in space, with a discussion and thought exercises about the future of space ethics with respect to Mars exploration
  • The Moons of the Solar System: a tour for planetary geologists! (UCL, Feb. 15, 2018) – ages 10-12, 30 mins – a guided, interactive tour through small bodies in the solar system, teaching basics of planetary science (basic geology; Earth analogues) through analysis of images
  • Spacelink Presents: Exploring Mars (video) for Spacelink Learning Foundation (Dec. 6, 2018) – ages 10-12, 52 mins – a discussion of surface exploration of Mars, written and presented with Jacqueline Campbell through Spacelink
  • Icy Moon Astrobiology (Spacelink GetSpace! Day, June 26, 2018) – ages 10-12, 20 mins – an overview of icy bodies and how life might survive, paired with a hydrothermal vent demo from the RSC
  • Icy Moons of Saturn (Dorking, 2020) – ages 15+, 45 mins – overview of the moons of Saturn from a geology and astrobiology perspective
  • 3D Visualization for Planetary Geology for the Geological Society (virtual, 2020) – ages 10+, 20 mins – an overview of 3D imaging and remote sensing to understand planetary surfaces

Games and Demos

  • Rover localization game (MSSL, multiple dates) – ages 8-15, 30 mins – the students use a 3D model of Victoria Crater to simulate rover views and figure out where Opportunity Rover captured images; requires Mac system, NASA DERT installation, and two screens. Includes datasets and written guides for facilitators and students. Adaptable for undergraduates to statistically analyze differences in rover localizations (MSSL, Sept. 9-13). This game is based on my research.

If you would like to host any of these talks/lectures or games, please use the Contact page to get in touch.