May Day

I am writing a whole chapbook—30 poems!—in a day to benefit the vital work of National Bail Out; “People who are incarcerated cannot practice social distancing inside a cage.” I’m sharing half of these poems right on this page, after which I’ll be turning these 30 poems into a chapbook.


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Select Poems

Poem 1: Cymophobia

Poem 2: errata

Poem 3: a sunshower visits

Poem 4: I find your joints lovely, frankly

Poem 5: fruit

Poem 6: calm

Poem 7: banana milk

Poem 8: an ancient wood

Poem 9: sweetness

Poem 10: blood orange

Poem 11: an ode to your excavatum

Poem 12: an ode to the little crease beneath your bottom lip

Poem 13: an ode to being bedbound with you across the hall

Poem 14: the crematorium is going

Poem 15: the angels