‘de caelo’ is in distribution!

My book of poetry and photography, ‘de caelo et tellure,’ has been approved for global distribution, and is now listed on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and can furthermore be stocked in bookstores and libraries!

It’s been quite the journey getting to this point and I’m extremely grateful for all of the friends and family who have supported this project and my writing in general. Enjoy! And please make sure to leave reviews wherever you purchase it, or please go to Amazon if you’ve already purchased and read it. Thank you x

‘de caelo et tellure’

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I’ve been working on this project for a while, and I’m glad to say it’s finished! ‘de caelo et tellure,’ or, ‘of the sky and the earth,’ is a storybook that uses poetry and photography to retell Classical myths and legends of the Greco-Roman gods and epic heroes.

I have a great passion for Classical mythology and Latin and wanted to pay homage to great Greek and Latin epic and lyrical poetry. ‘de caelo’ plays with the dichotomies of divinity/humanity and earth/heaven, in addition to twisting classic stories of creation and betrayal into ones of triumph, destruction, and love. In utilizing photography alongside these retellings, I hope to capture the spirit of these stories as fables applicable to our lives, and the fantasy of creation tales sourced in the natural world.

The proof copy came out beautifully, and I’m hoping to extend its sale to the Amazon and BN marketplaces.

Purchase here.