Autumn updates

In September, Dr. Ellie Armstrong and I were invited to The Future of Meetings, hosted by CSIRO, to talk about our conference, Space Science in Context, and the lessons we learned from designing and hosting a virtual conference. We also submitted this talk for the Europlanet Science Congress (abstract). You can watch our video here.

We also wrote about our lessons about virtual conferences with our esteemed colleagues, Dr. Sam Giles, Prof. Chris Jackson, and Dr. Jess Wade, for Physics World – “Redefining the scientific conference to be more inclusive.” Our conference has also been discussed in this great white paper, led by Dr. Beck Strauss, on nonbinary scientists in the planetary science community.

I also chatted with the wonderful TIGER in STEMM about my doctoral work with 3D imagery as part of their excellent TIGER in STEMM Summer Webinar Series in Physics alongside the brilliant Dr. Kwasi Kwakwa; the live recording is here.

In other news, I was delighted to win a prize from The A3 Review! The poem was selected in March for inclusion in this October issue, and went on to win this second-place prize for Issue 13–which looks beautiful and sports so many lovely and timely pieces.

Upcoming Speaking

10/5: The Centre of Outer Space Studies (COSS) is launching through UCL. To kick off this interdisciplinary institute, COSS is hosting a “CATALYST” event featuring a panel of me, Simon Faithfull from UCL Slade School of Fine Art, and UCL Creative Fellow Nicola Baldwin, around the theme “Earth.” Register here.

10/29: The Women in Space Conference was postponed due to COVID-19, but in the meantime the organization is hosting a great speaker series; on October 29th, I’ll be giving a talk reflecting on innovating the conference format in light of Space Science in Context. Read more and watch the previous seminars here, and register here!

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