summer updates

It’s been a whirlwind of a year—here’s a snapshot of some of my work in the past few months.

The highlight and my pride of the spring was hosting, running, and presenting for Space Science in Context (#SSiC2020), my and Dr. Ellie Armstrong‘s brainchild—this was a highly experimental virtual conference that we planned prior to the pandemic reaching Europe, and which was funded through the UCL Researcher-led Initiative Award. We were so lucky to host incredible speakers across the space and social sciences and are really excited to see where this format takes us.

I was also involved in a flurry of speaking engagements in the spring (detailed in a previous post which I’ve now removed, since much was canceled due to COVID-19). These talks include at Keele University for International Day of Women and Girls in Science, giving a lecture on icy moon geology for the Mole Valley Geological Society, a public talk with GlobalTees on 3D visualization on Mars as part of a writing retreat at Chapelgarth Estate, giving a virtual seminar on my thesis work for the planetary sciences group at University of Glasgow, and a Lunchtime Q&A chat with the Geological Society which can be found here.

SSiC and my thesis work led to a lot of interesting interviews and podcasts since March, which you can find here:

My writing has mostly been quiet as I continue work on my book. In May, I set out to raise funds for National Bail Out by writing poems for May Day, which can be read here. I also won a contest in April with The A3 Review, and will have a poem appearing in their October issue.

I’ll leave you with a piece I wrote to commemorate Katherine Johnson. The cello parts were composed using planetary navigation plots from Blackshear and Johnson (1965) (fig. 7b). Additional audio samples from Apollo 11.

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