October Updates

This summer was full of outreach! In May, MSSL hosted local Scouts who were returning after an exciting visit in 2018. We ran talks and activities based on the James Webb Telescope, IR imaging, 3D imaging for Mars rovers, and icy moon hydrothermal vents.

Later that month I hosted the Sutton Scholars Mission to Space (formerly Mission to Mars) event once again at UCL. This was a really wonderful day, with a handful of Ph.D. students from MSSL reaching about 100 bright students from London with activities and talks about space engineering, astrobiology, exoplanets, and space exploration.

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I had the great pleasure of speaking on the Melanin Memos Podcast in June about my work and thoughts on the future of space ethics. This is a great show highlighting women of color in STEM and a must-listen!

MSSL hosted three undergraduate physics students from Kyoto Sangyo University in September, one of whom I mentored for the week on a project to localize the Opportunity rover using simulated rover images compared with actual rover images. Summaries of all three projects can be found here! The following week, I attended the EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting in Geneva, where I gave a talk on my ongoing work of processing and visualizing 3D products of the Curiosity Rover exploration site in Gale Crater, Mars. The videos from that talk can be seen here!

On October 5th, I attended and participated in the Decolonise STEM symposium, which featured keynotes and panels addressing the relationship between science and colonialism and how we might address this relationship in our research and activist work. I had the pleasure of sitting on the second panel and speaking about colonialism and space exploration (my slides can be found here, and a recording is forthcoming). This was a fantastic and extremely vital event and I’m hoping to see this work continued, especially at this important moment for UCL specifically to address its role in the history of eugenics.

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New & Upcoming

On October 19th, you can catch me at the Bloomsbury Festival’s “Under the Moon Hub” running my rover localization game and performing two pieces from THEY WILL BE FREE (2017).

Speaking of my album, the entirety of TWBF is now on Soundcloud, including the bonus tracks and select instrumental tracks! Things have otherwise been slow artistically, but I’ve published my latest poem, “pardesi,” written for the UK National Poetry Day, on my website.


  • My friend and colleague Dr. Jazmin Scarlett, a social volcanologist, talks about her work on the most recent episode of The Arch & Anth Podcast
  • Lisa Pettibone, the resident artist of MSSL, is having her end-of-residency exhibition in London from October 17th to the 27th, with a symposium on Oct. 24 – details here.
  • The #DecoloniseSTEMsymposium hashtag on Twitter!

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