updates / potpourri

I’ll be performing poetry again in Rochester this Saturday, Oct. 10 @ Meddlesome Labs! The event is to benefit Syrian refugees via Doctors without Borders. Event info here.

The NASA Ames Academy team will have a poster for our group project at the AGU Fall Meeting 2015! Abstract here.

I’m honored to have earned a talk again for AGU as well! Abstract here.

I’m busy with a ton of credits this semester on top of working on applying to graduate school (!) but I’m hoping to have some cool projects in the next few months:

  • I started the sequel to my novel Minotaur, ‘Theseus,’ last NaNoWriMo and it’s close to finished – it will potentially be a focus for NaNo this November, although I’ll only be aiming for a cumulative 50k words
  • I’m currently preparing an essay for a book to be published by the curator of Balm Digest, which is very exciting!
  • I’d really like to aim for another poetry collection in early 2016; my style has changed significantly over the past three months, and so while I was considering pursuing an old idea (a collection called ‘life house’) for this next book, I may reconsider and take more time to flesh out what seems to be forming itself into a nice set
  • There are a two or three music projects I’m excited to potentially start with a few music friends/colleagues at UR and in my network, possibly employing poetry!
  • On the less official side, I’ve recently been doing some novel editing and review for a friend. I’ve always loved editing, and I can see myself doing this in the future, whether as freelance work or just pleasant help for friends

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