birds_of_mohave summer_muskstar_aniseflowers_400

Somehow this summer I missed that on Aug. 20 (at 4:44am, no less), I hit my 400th poem since starting my poetry project in April 2013. The project was supposed to serve as a revival of my poetry after eight or so years of stagnancy. In these two years, I’ve grown to write honestly, entrust my art to loved ones and strangers alike, perform in Rochester, publish a handful of books, and now have established a great pride and joy in my work.

Pictured are some pages I’ve designed for recent poems, including #400, which I made when I discovered I’d hit this landmark!

#394 – ‘the birds of Mohave.’ Photo: NASA Armstrong (2015)

#401 – ‘the last of the summer musk.’ Photo: Monterey Bay (2015)

#405 – ‘star anise.’ Photo: NASA Ames (2014)

#400 – ‘flowers.’ Photo: Hat Creek Radio Observatory (2014)

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