‘A Christmas Suite for a New England Village’

I’ve finished working on my suite for this Christmas! It was a lot of fun to write, and I can certainly see the growth of my skills as a composer and the development of my voice. The movements are as follow:

I. Village lights on the snow, underfoot
II. Flurries in mid-afternoon
III. Walking home with them past the church tower
IV. Diamond dust clouds at midnight Mass
V. A morning sled on Christmas day
VI. Watching the village from the hillside, on the way home

Program notes:

“A CHRISTMAS SUITE for a NEW ENGLAND VILLAGE is a six-part suite featuring the different times of day leading up to and during Christmas – dawn, afternoon, dusk, midnight, late morning, and dusk again – set in little village of New England.

The first movement opens with a contemplative walk through the snow as one returns home from work on the edge of town. The second reflects the chaos of children, finally free from school, playing in the flurries; the third, a more solemn trudge past the church tower as two people listen to the bells echoing through town.

The fourth song takes us within the church for midnight Mass, a great and ponderous time for the villagers. On Christmas day is a classic sled in the morning for the village children for the fifth movement. The suite closes with another walk on the outskirts of the village – a final contemplation of the holiday time and its many faces.”

I’ve set it to release on Bandcamp with a better rendering of Suite for Saturn just to have it somewhere other than Soundcloud, since it was made specifically as a gift to friends and family and not for public sharing. It’ll be available here in about a week!

Edit: you can find the audio here!

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